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From the desk of Ross Mihal, RM Club

Dear reader,

Have you ever been to Rio de Janeiro? It offers up a unique micro-climate of mischief, passion and optimism.

Powered by the highest voltage of social electricity, Rio fills the senses with an overload of noise and colour...

Now, if you were on Rio's Copacabana beach back in the 1980s you might well have seen Carlos Henrique Raposo do his stuff.

Raposo – better known as Kaiser - would have had a mullet haircut...

He would have been wearing only tight Speedo's and Ray-Ban sunglasses...

And he would have been chatting up the women... making them believe he was a player for one of Brazil's biggest soccer clubs.

You see, Kaiser was world-class at two things:

1. Getting signed-up by Brazilian soccer clubs as a professional soccer player -- even though he wasn't even close to being good enough – (having to fake injuries or concocting some other story that got him out of ever actually having to play a competitive game).

2. Chatting up the women (under the pretence that he was a professional soccer player; which he wasn't).

It was the 1980s, remember.


And it was Rio de Janeiro - where life is loose, and fun and the mundane parts of life disappear at the touch of a toe on the sand.

Today... Kaiser is out of shape, partially blind... and...

Is working as a personal trainer. Catering to women only (that's Kaiser!). Good luck to him.

The point is:-

If you want to get a true football money-getting method, you don't want to go to the Kaiser's of this world.

You need something more.

Something better.

Something truly unique.

Something like ...

Mad Jack

ONE Cornerstone Concept Behind The MAD JACK Method - BIG FOOTBALL ODDS!

With These Big Odds (That Mad Jack Will Give You EVERY DAY), You Will Do A Top Notch Professional Job On Your Very First Attempt And Make £1,000 In Your First Week!

This Is How it Works...

But first...

The Boring Stuff!

Everybody out there - experts, pundits, tipsters and punters alike, talk about value, but they have no clue of what to do, or how it's done.

"Value betting is a key overall approach to wagering on the sport and value bets should be a key weapon in your arsenal. Of course, any bet can lose, and value betting is no different. Value bets also require great knowledge and experience around assessing the probabilities of outcomes, how to spot value and how to apply value accurately."

"Value betting is one of the most common terms in the betting world and it is also one of the best techniques for gaining profit. A value bet is the one where you believe the chances of one team winning are better than the odds suggest and all you need to do is to take advantage of the situation."


"The one thing most people looking to make a profit betting are looking for is something that is profitable. Straight up gambling will never provide a profit, but by mastering value betting, it is possible to make your betting pay. Is value betting profitable? - Identifying value bets and using them exclusively determines that value betting is profitable when used correctly and in a strict manner. It is however not risk-free, losers can be expected and factored into long term plans and forecasts. Ultimately, if you can find value, you are moving the edge away from the bookmaker and into your favour."

"You can find a value bet by doing your own research. For example, you might find that in their past 30 games, Liverpool have scored three or more goals on 20 occasions. But when looking at the odds of their next game, you might find a bookmaker is offering odds of evens, which implies a 50% chance, when they have scored three or more goals in 66% of their last 30 games."


Let me show you some REAL LIFE secret knowledge...

Let me show you how to INSTANTLY find value that WINS, find in 4 minutes or less, while smoking a cigar and drinking champagne - not slaving for hours over stats and form, going nowhere...

Working 4 minutes per day like this...

Not stressing like this...

And before we start let me be clear, this is NOT trading, live betting, back and lay, arbitrage, or any of the fancy bets your bookie might offer.

OK, Let’s get to it.

This is HUGE!!

I specialise in the super-smart and lightning-fast technique I call MAD JACK. Nobody has this. Nobody knows this stuff. This is my own retirement maker.

As you already know, my system has huge odds, 3.0, 3.5, those kinds of numbers. After all, you don't need an adviser to give you Man Utd to beat Grimsby in the Cup.

I've used my Mad Jack to generate good income for me and my family. It helps my close friends and relatives.

Bottom line?

My Mad Jack is for people who want to build wealth in an intelligent way.
It covers your losing bets with lightning speed so you gain ever growing profit fast. It enables you to get money in less time than any other method out there, with fun and ease.

You won't need to spend hours over data researching the line up of teams or pondering over boring statistics.

Here's what I mean...

  • All the data you need is on your Bookie site or on Betfair. I use Betfair (but you can use any bookie if you want to).
  • I will show you EXACTLY how to find these Mad Jack matches to quickly run through Betfair and select them with one click.
  • I will show you what to watch so your selection process will be a breeze and will take you less than a minute or two.
  • I will show you which teams to pick and how, by which I mean what is important, the most important thing, in the selection process.
  • Like I said - even if you are a complete novice you will have your bets ready in minutes, definitely in less than 4 minutes.

But It Gets Even Better Than That...

Literally … The most PHENOMENAL thing in Football Betting has just happened.

And It's The Game Changer, called...

>>>Supreme Bets<<<

Here's How To Make £200 Twice A Day, Six Days A Week - EVERY WEEK - With Any Online Bookie Or Betfair, Using Just Two Betting Markets.

This is a completely New Concept Never Seen Before in a Winning Betting System ...


Let the money start rolling in!

The Aha Moment

You see, I stumbled upon a very, very easy way to make money which as far as I know:- NO ONE HAS EVER WRITTEN ABOUT BEFORE! Actually, when I discovered it I just couldn’t believe it.

It’s simple to learn and put into use. And yes, the results will be dramatic and immediate. It’s not something you’ve ever seen before. And believe me, it will change your life forever once you see it in action.

Supreme Bets just boggle the mind.
The possibilities are endless!

  • Easy and quick, takes just 2 minutes 2x a day
  • Nothing to monitor, any time you like
  • New and "top secret"
  • Offered to my clients only - 50 people only on a first come first served basis
  • Dirt cheap at only £295 (if applying £100 coupon)
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Can replace your full time income
  • Great fun
  • Safe
  • Lucrative
  • Lifestyle business
  • No big bank required
  • No experience required
  • Step by step instructions with screenshots as 1, 2, 3

Mad Jack, No BS Quick Recap...

It is a step-by-step blueprint for creating a MAJOR CASH COW in your life.

Play your cards right and follow the system - and you will make some serious coin in the football niche.

Basically, You'll Be Taken By The Hand And Shown Exactly What To Do, Step-By-Step.

How Much?

Now, I want to make this affordable to everyone, the cost is a rock-bottom £395.

I want to deliver VALUE and I want you as a loyal client for life, these are my reasons for doing it.

This method is being offered only to my clients and enquirers and I'm still struggling with the decision on whether or not to share this and quite honestly this is an absolutely ridiculously low price for this amazing money-getting method.


>>>You Pay Only £295<<<

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90 Days Money Back Guarantee

And you are protected by a 90 Days Performance - Related MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  

In the unlikely event of no profit being made during your first 90 days you'll get your money back!

What a thing, man, what a thing.

Okay, well hopefully you can see that this is a little different from anything you’ve ever seen before…

It’s the perfect way to make money ... the perfect way to make a living. You can start off by running this from your home in your spare time, then once you’re making the kind of money you want and you’re happy the system really works, you could quit your job and enjoy the kind of freedom I now enjoy.

And best of all since all you need is access to the internet, you can live virtually anywhere you choose.

On top of this, you can use the Mad Jack Method to make money for the rest of your life, wherever you are.

In short:- YOU’D HAVE A LIFE!!

And all you need to do to get that life is…
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That’s all you need to do to put yourself on the road to making a great living from this...
To sit at home and bank profits week-in-week-out ... month-in-month-out...

For example you could just get up at 9am, have a breakfast, read the paper, go for a walk and then grab yourself a mid-morning coffee in your favourite Starbucks or Costa and do it then.

You can do nothing all day and run this in the evening if you prefer while listening to some chill out music. And you can do it as often as you want.

Remember, you need NO skills ... NO experience.

If you can go online, go to a web site and click on a link, well you’ve already got all the skills you’ll ever need. Bottom line?

This works … and works better than anything you’ll ever come across and it can provide you with the most incredible lifestyle you could possibly imagine.

STOP DREAMING right now and just give it a try...

I’m sure you’ll want to make your living from this. This is one moneymaking strategy that stands "head and shoulders" above the rest.

Look, there are 2 kinds of people. Those that are happy to settle for whatever life throws their way. And those that have an inner-need to get an edge in life.

Which remind me of Kaiser.

So hey, if you're heading to Rio's Copacabana beach any time soon - with the Mad Dog method YOU are going to have all the financial fire-power you need.

On which note, let me finish by genuinely thanking you for taking the time to read my offer, and I really look forward to helping you get your Mad Jack Method up and running.

But whatever you decide, let me wish you all the best for 2022 and for the rest of your life. Have a good one and try to enjoy every moment because it passes so quickly.

With my very best wishes,

I expect an avalanche of responses to this offer, please don't pass up the opportunity of a life-time. With a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Maybe you’ve got somebody in your life that you can picture right now that thinks you’re a “dreamer” for wanting to live a better life. I guess if you don’t order the Mad Jack they’ve been right all along –you are just a “dreamer”. Is that right? Nah, I don’t think so... I think perhaps there’s more to you than that, and you just need the right help and guidance. If so, click the Purchase button below and let me help you.

So click below and buckle up, things are about to get interesting.

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